Hands-on tips from a Plumbing Expert in Miami, FL

You may have noticed how interested I have become of plumbing and home improvement these past few months. For a girly girl like me who loves fun and colorful stuff, why on earth would I cover a topic so different from my usual stuff? Strange, right?

I think I have not mentioned this before, but aside from being the chic and crafty girl that everyone knows me for, I have also a somewhat masculine side to me, if you can consider it manly, that is. I adore my mom, but I have always considered myself a daddy’s girl. When I was little, date nights with my dad consisted of me watching him do plumbing repairs at home or a relative’s house. That’s just how we bonded, and those days were the best memories I had with him.

3 Tips from a Professional Plumbing Service Provider

Hands-on tips from a Plumbing Expert in Miami, FLMy dad used to work as a plumbing expert in Miami. While watching him do repairs, I learned a lot. These are the most helpful plumbing tips I got from him over the years that I still use today:

  1. Don’t ever let a minor issue get out of hand before doing something about it.
  2. Don’t do any repair that you are not 100% sure you can do properly.
  3. If in doubt, call a professional plumber in South Florida.

I really look up to my dad when it comes to plumbing and other related things. Sadly, he says he’s too old to help me out now that I have a house of my own. Instead, he advised me to call Plumbers 911 South FL for leak detection and other plumbing emergencies. He says he knows the company well and trust them enough to recommend them to me. I have used Plumbers 911 twice to fix a major plumbing issue in my home, and I can say that dad is right. He always is.