This Licensed Plumber in Chicago Deserves a Huge Thank You

Here I am again with yet another plumbing-related post. The thing is, something memorable (but not in a good way) happened while I was staying at a girl friend’s house just a few days ago.

It was my friend’s bridal shower and she requested that we, her closest friends stay for the night. Her home was a nice 2-bedroom house, with 2 bathrooms. Her bathrooms are some serious bathroom goals. I loved the look and feel of it from the get go, until the nightmare started.

It began with a foul odor emanating from the shower drain in one of the bathrooms. The smell alone ruined our supposedly fun night. At first we managed to ignore it, but it become bothersome eventually, and for all I know, inhaling sewer gas can be hazardous. We knew we have to do something about it.

Since it was so late in the night, my friend was doubtful that there would be a contractor in Illinois that would be available. Luckily, I knew a plumbing company that is available 27/4. I told her to contact Plumbers 911, for sure they have a licensed plumber in Chicago who can help us at that hour of the night. I was right.

licensed plumber ChicagoThe contractor arrived equipped with plumbing tools and equipment and wasted no time. He performed sewer inspection and in less time than we expected the plumber had discovered the source of the problem and fixed it right away. The culprit, we were told was a crack in the vent pipe. It was a considerably quick fix, but without the technician’s equipment and skills, we would still be inhaling toxic sewage gas until the morning.

It’s a good thing that there’s a reliable service provider that you can call any time of the day for emergency situations like this.


Your Question Answered: Any Port Arthur Plumbers You Would Recommend?

After my last post where I shared some plumbing tips from my late father, I received some emails asking for recommendations for plumbing professionals in Port Arthur, TX. It was so nice of you guys, really, to trust me on this topic when I’m not even an expert. As I mentioned from my last post, everything I knew about plumbing came from my dad, and I’ll gladly share whatever I learned from him so I can continue his legacy of helping those who are in need.

Port Arthur PlumbersLuckily, I know a trustworthy service provider in the Texas area. I have hired this company – with dad’s recommendation – several times already and I am satisfied with their services. They are friendly and professional in any way. You can tell by the way they deal with problems that they had intensive training and numerous hands-on experiences. But what I love about these Port Arthur plumbers the most is their honesty. When you call them for help, they are always willing to answer questions and suggest solutions to your problem. They are even giving service quotes for free! I also guarantee that they will not overcharge you, even though the convenience that they can bring to your household is worth every penny. With them, you don’t have to worry about spending more than you should.

Here’s a little more information: I hired Plumbers 911 from our location for leak detection service, and their technician arrived on time. I believe that’s one of the benefits of hiring someone from nearby your home- no matter what time of the day you call; a local contractor will reach your doorstep faster than any other techs from a distant city. When you call Plumbers 911 Texas, you’ll be able to lessen the damage and get the plumbing issue fixed right away.

You can call them any time at (409) 237-3137. Again, thanks for those who emailed me. I will keep answering your questions so keep them coming!

Hands-on tips from a Plumbing Expert in Miami, FL

You may have noticed how interested I have become of plumbing and home improvement these past few months. For a girly girl like me who loves fun and colorful stuff, why on earth would I cover a topic so different from my usual stuff? Strange, right?

I think I have not mentioned this before, but aside from being the chic and crafty girl that everyone knows me for, I have also a somewhat masculine side to me, if you can consider it manly, that is. I adore my mom, but I have always considered myself a daddy’s girl. When I was little, date nights with my dad consisted of me watching him do plumbing repairs at home or a relative’s house. That’s just how we bonded, and those days were the best memories I had with him.

3 Tips from a Professional Plumbing Service Provider

Hands-on tips from a Plumbing Expert in Miami, FLMy dad used to work as a plumbing expert in Miami. While watching him do repairs, I learned a lot. These are the most helpful plumbing tips I got from him over the years that I still use today:

  1. Don’t ever let a minor issue get out of hand before doing something about it.
  2. Don’t do any repair that you are not 100% sure you can do properly.
  3. If in doubt, call a professional plumber in South Florida.

I really look up to my dad when it comes to plumbing and other related things. Sadly, he says he’s too old to help me out now that I have a house of my own. Instead, he advised me to call Plumbers 911 South FL for leak detection and other plumbing emergencies. He says he knows the company well and trust them enough to recommend them to me. I have used Plumbers 911 twice to fix a major plumbing issue in my home, and I can say that dad is right. He always is.

Leaky Faucets in Your Lee’s Summit Need Immediate Attention

leak detection Lee's SummitCommon sources show that 1 trillion gallons of water is wasted in the US alone, so that’s about 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year and this is because of toilet leaks, dripping faucets and leaking valves — something that your friendly Lee’s Summit plumber can fix for you.

If you google questions such as “how do I change the toilet valve?” and “how do I fix a leaky faucet?” you’ll get a whole lot of posts and videos that you might consider fixing the issue yourself. After all, anyone can do it, right? It doesn’t look intimidating at first, correct? However, bear in mind that there’s a huge chance of it not being fixed at all. The ending would be you spending so much money, wasted time and an unfixed leak.

Here’s a word of advice, before you attempt to fix any faulty plumbing fixture you have, arm yourself with the right equipment and knowledge to address the issue. There are a lot of available resources these days, Youtube videos, self-help books and blog posts. All of which have enough information on how you can fix a plumbing fixture without spending so much on professional services. However, bear in mind that it might take you a while to master plumbing and it’s wise to get a professional to fix the issue for you.

Oftentimes, a leaky faucet is caused by a bad washer. This is often located at the end of the spout, the one that connects the faucet to the pipe itself. Check if this is the one that’s causing the problem, and if it really is, remove it using a pipe wrench. Replace the washer and as you do, ensure that it fits snugly. In replacing the pipes, have a pipe sealant in place to put the pipe fittings together to prevent any form of leakage in the coming days, weeks or months.

When these pipes are placed together, wrap it with sealing tape for added protection. Test the faucet once done. If you see any sign of leak or any form of obstruction, remove and fix it again. Do the process while the sealant is still wet.

In fixing any plumbing fixture, remember that you must have the appropriate tools because if not, it would cause more damage than good.

How To Install A Garbage Disposal in Your Olathe KS Home

garbage disposal installation OlatheRecent statistics in the United States say that food waste now amounts to 30% of household waste.

This percentage is quite steep and has, in fact, become an issue in the municipal garbage disposal. Because of the rise in food scraps in public waste, the home garbage disposal system became a must in every household.

This machine is electrically powered to carefully grind food waste in smaller chunks, small enough to go into the drains and be disposed in the septic system or the municipal sewage treatment facility.

The garbage disposal system is a good investment for your home or the environment. Should you consider buying one, we have here some installation tips for your Olathe KS home.

How to Install the Garbage Disposal System in Your Olathe KS Home

Before the installation, do not forget to wear protective clothing such as dust mask and gloves. Also, ensure that garbage disposal machine is not connected to the electric outlet to prevent any accident. It is best to following the instructions verbatim to make sure that you have correctly installed your garbage disposal system.

  1. Detach the strainer and the drain pipe from the sink.
  2. Using a plumber’s putty, form a snake shape by rolling it between your hands. Run the snake shape putty along the base of the flange and place the same flange in the hole where you got the pipe and the strainer.
  3. Attach the mounting rings and the gaskets on the flange. Secure it using a screwdriver and trim the excess putty squeezed out from the connection. Clean your sink.
  4. With the help of the user’s manual and installation guide, it is now time to connect the garbage disposal system to the flange.
  5. Attach the discharge tube to it by using the washer and gasket included in the package.
  6. Finish it up by installing the drain pipes.

We hope that this guide will make the garbage disposal installation easy and clear for you. However, if you have, even an ounce of doubt, call a professional Olathe plumber right away. This guarantees safe and proper installation of ANY plumbing appliance. Plumbers 911 has a network of contractors all capable of fixing any plumbing issue such as drain cleaning, faucet repair, and toilet repair among others.

The Basics of Toilet Repair for Miami Homeowners

TOILET REPAIR MIAMIIf I had to think of one thing I hate the most, it would be toilet repairs. Fixing toilet problems such a clogged toilet, water leaks, and a faulty seal, to name a few is just not fun at all. Toilet repair can get pricey, a bit messy, and time-consuming.

But I later realized, that’s not always the case. It turns out that some toilet repairs are simple and easy to fix on your own. If you are experiencing some issues with your toilet, you don’t have to know every single thing about toilet repair. Just learn the basics and you can save money and avoid serious damage.

Repairing common toilet issues is not as complicated as it may seem. If you are a Miami homeowner, these tips will particularly be helpful to you.

  • If water is trickling into the toilet bowl, your toilet may have a damaged flapper. Clean the flapper seat, and replace the faulty flapper.
  • If the toilet is not flushing properly, there are several things you need to check.

First, inspect if the chain that connects the flapper cap to the flush handle is not too long and not too short.  Adjust the length of the lift chain as needed.

Next, check if the tank is not refilling. If it is not filling properly, the toilet rim flush holes may be blocked. Clean out the flush holes by prodding them with a sharp object such as a wire hanger.

Another thing to check is toilet tank water level. Adjust the water level higher if the water level is too low.

  • If all of the above tips do not fix the problem, you may have a faulty fill valve that needs replacement.

Simple toilet problems often need simple fixes. However, there is one important lesson I learned the hard way – that there are some toilet problems that are not suitable for DIY repairs.

Your best option is to call a licensed professional offering toilet repair in Miami if you are experiencing major toilet issues and other plumbing problems. A professional plumber will safely fix all toilet problems and ensure that problems will not occur again.

If you need an expert in toilet repair for your Miami home, I would highly recommend Douglas Orr Plumbing. They offer affordable and efficient toilet repairs and other plumbing services in Miami, FL.  Watch their video to learn more about them!