How To Install A Garbage Disposal in Your Olathe KS Home

garbage disposal installation OlatheRecent statistics in the United States say that food waste now amounts to 30% of household waste.

This percentage is quite steep and has, in fact, become an issue in the municipal garbage disposal. Because of the rise in food scraps in public waste, the home garbage disposal system became a must in every household.

This machine is electrically powered to carefully grind food waste in smaller chunks, small enough to go into the drains and be disposed in the septic system or the municipal sewage treatment facility.

The garbage disposal system is a good investment for your home or the environment. Should you consider buying one, we have here some installation tips for your Olathe KS home.

How to Install the Garbage Disposal System in Your Olathe KS Home

Before the installation, do not forget to wear protective clothing such as dust mask and gloves. Also, ensure that garbage disposal machine is not connected to the electric outlet to prevent any accident. It is best to following the instructions verbatim to make sure that you have correctly installed your garbage disposal system.

  1. Detach the strainer and the drain pipe from the sink.
  2. Using a plumber’s putty, form a snake shape by rolling it between your hands. Run the snake shape putty along the base of the flange and place the same flange in the hole where you got the pipe and the strainer.
  3. Attach the mounting rings and the gaskets on the flange. Secure it using a screwdriver and trim the excess putty squeezed out from the connection. Clean your sink.
  4. With the help of the user’s manual and installation guide, it is now time to connect the garbage disposal system to the flange.
  5. Attach the discharge tube to it by using the washer and gasket included in the package.
  6. Finish it up by installing the drain pipes.

We hope that this guide will make the garbage disposal installation easy and clear for you. However, if you have, even an ounce of doubt, call a professional Olathe plumber right away. This guarantees safe and proper installation of ANY plumbing appliance. Plumbers 911 has a network of contractors all capable of fixing any plumbing issue such as drain cleaning, faucet repair, and toilet repair among others.